Hello, I’m Abigail Chui. I’d like to think of myself as a captivating story teller and thoughtful jewellery maker. The word thoughtful is used intentionally, and not meant to just describe the designs, but also the processes. I believe in taking care of what we’ve been given - our stories, our bodies, our planet. What’s done here kind of neatly wraps it all up in recycled newsprint and a silk bow.

There’s so much more to say about so many things, but I often find myself having words, without knowing how to put them together. They seem to float around in the grey mass of a brain in no particular order, but in perfect sense. Here’s some of the words that have found their way together.

Who inspires me | if you’re needing inspiration or considering working with me
When storytelling became all I wanted to do | about the journey to getting here
Where do these things come from | see where each tiny part is from
How we go from tangible thoughts to jewellery | for how we can work together

Outtake from a recent photoshoot by  Natalia Poniatowska

Outtake from a recent photoshoot by Natalia Poniatowska