Remember, remember, of love

stories told - C for Christina

I was working on my website one day and this little girl (about 11 years old), came up to me to and went “Abby! What are you doing?”

“I’m working on my website”

“What is it for?”

“So people can see my work”

“What work do you do?”

“I make jewellery”

“Can I see some?”

She got called away at this point so we said we’ll continue this conversation another time. 5 seconds later, she turned around and went “Abby can you make me a necklace with a ‘C’ on it?”

“Yes of course!”

And that’s the story of how I got commissioned by an 11-year old who probably didn’t realise I need to feed myself. But that’s okay, surprising events like these are rare and I’m consciously taking steps to welcome them (while practicing wisdom).

stories told - C for Christina

Scribed in a little heart at the back because someone once told her to always remember that she is loved. And if I was going to make her something, it had to tell a story important to her. So this heart, hopefully reminds her always, of love.

And the pearl, of royalty. Ages ago, only nobles and royalty wore pearls because they were so valuable, rare and expensive. That little pearl there is to remind her of her royal standing in Christ.



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