Why this took over 10 hours to make

abigail chui big pearl necklace

This necklace took so long to make because it required drilling, so much drilling. 94 holes to be exact, and twice that number of PUK welded wired ends. Each hole is 0.6mm wide. Trust me when I say I’ve broken more drill bits than I can count.

Each hole had to be punched (so the drill bit knows where to go), then drilled, then PUK welded on one side before being beaded and then Puk welded on the other end. Each little piece of wire also had to be measured, and cut to exactly 15mm long so they would be consistent. And! Threading the non beaded parts of silver took a chunk of time too. And I think it took an entire episode of Grey’s Anatomy to finish threading the chain of pearls.

Update: I’ve found a solution to prevent broken drill bits! Read about it here.

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