Why pearls feature so much in my work

pile of pearls

Pearls are special, I’ve always been drawn to them. But only the natural ones. Those synthetic glass and plastic ones don’t do anything for me.

I’m not too sure why that is the case. Though I have a feeling it’s partly because of its rich history, and the fact that it’s nature’s easiest gemstone to use. You literally pick it out from its animal host and maker, and it’s ready for use.

But what about gemstones like garnets and emeralds, you ask? They’re great too! But they need to be cut and polished to bring out the shine and the colour. Pearls don’t need any of that. Like how I would like forests to be, I like my pearls au naturel.

With regard to the history of the pearl, I highly recommend this book from the reading list I put up a while ago. It’s called Pearls: Ornament and Obsession, by Kristin Joyce. It’s fascinating.

Abigail ChuiComment