When storytelling became all I wanted to do

When storytelling became all I wanted to do
| about the journey to getting here

I started my journey in storytelling when I realised that the best chance an object has of staying valued, is in its story. The thought process, when written out, resembles a spiderweb with many arrows.

Each arrow took quite a bit of time, lots of questions and random answers, also conversations and encounters. But at the end of it, I realised that stories are a big part of our lives. We’re told stories from a young age, and we’re telling stories from when we started to talk. It’s important because we know our history and our heritage from our stories, and from that, we can also see our future.

Anything can be an heirloom. As I was researching and writing my paper for uni, I realised an heirloom is anything that has been passed from one generation to the next. And things are always passed on because they mean something, because they have a backstory.

So here I am, making jewellery with stories so that we don’t forget. I make jewellery because I want to remember and from remembering, to inspire. And in creating jewellery like that, I’m not making jewels that will be consumed and discarded quickly, and that helps our planet with its waste problem in an infinite number of ways.

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