Vered's Wet Sand Technique

Following the concrete recipe that Vered shared in the last post, we’re chatting about how she made this necklace. She was showing me her works and I couldn’t for the life of me, figure out how she did it. And she kept saying “it’s like how you let wet sand slip out of your hand when you’re at the beach”. And I still couldn’t figure it out. That is, until she demonstrated it.

According to her, the most important thing is the sand at the bottom. It’s better if you have a thicker layer of sand as a base than what we used in the picture.

All she did was have a base layer of sand, and layer the concrete in small amounts on top of each other slowly. The sand at the bottom acts as a sponge that absorbs the water from the concrete, allowing it to form blobs instead of flowing everywhere.

Here, the colours are achieved with very little pigment, and mostly just varying kinds and amounts of sand.

For the darkest colour, it’s white concrete + beach sand.
The middle shade, it’s white concrete + fine quartz (fine sand).
The lightest shade has very little fine quartz in it, and is mostly concrete. We added just a bit of sand so all the layers have a consistent sandy texture.

Lastly, for the metal hoop, she wiggled it in when it was more solid, and then layered about 2 small spoonfuls of concrete on top to cover any imperfections.

Now just leave to dry for at least a day before moving it. It takes about a month or so before it cures up and reaches top strength. But definitely wearable at about a week old!

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