Vered Shows Us How To Break Rocks

One of Vered’s largest collections of work in her studio are her broken rocks series. She was showing me box after box of broken rocks, and exclaimed “I couldn’t stop!!”.

It was quite funny tbh, but I can understand why she had a problem stopping. It really is very interesting to see the inside of rocks. They’re absolutely stunning, like hidden secrets that we’ll never know until it’s ‘broken’ or ‘destroyed’.

Without further ado, here’s what you need: a chisel, a hammer, and a rock.

I noticed that the chisel she uses is even on both sides. I assume it helps to break both sides evenly, but it should be fine even with a bevel on one side.

I would think that you can put the rock on the ground, position the chisel, and them hammer it. But Vered does it with a clamp. She holds up the chisel, positions the rock on it, and then hammers the rock with the pointed side. It’ll make more sense when you see the video of me trying (and not entirely succeeding) to break a rock.

The kind of rock you choose to break also matters. Softer rocks are always easier, and rocks that look like they’re made up of many tiny stones glued together are generally not a good idea (tried and tested, 3rd from left). I would think that stones that have crystals in them are also not the best idea, but you can try! The one I did try didn't work out too good (2nd from left).

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