Vered's Glass Beads

In this final post brought to you from Vered Kaminsky’s studio, we’re playing with glass. More specifically, glass beads. Vered has a little cabinet with glass doors in it, displaying some of the samples and techniques she has worked with. I think it acts as a tangible sketchbook almost, that you can pick up and inspect.

There was one thing in it that caught my eye. It was a little wire tree, with rounded glass at the end of each branch. I asked her what it was, and turns out, they’re melted glass beads! As always, I expected some super complicated process, but no, they’re really just glass beads placed carefully on the end of the wire, and melted into place.

She does use her pliers to flatten the wire at the tips just a little so the bead doesn’t fly out, and has something to hold on to. But that’s all.

Simple right?

Here’s a quick video of her melting a bead onto some scrap wire she had lying around.

Vered has given the thumbs up to share the information she shared with me during our studio visit + chat. For all posts inspired and influenced by Vered, enter "Vered Kaminski" in the search bar on the right.

Vered Kaminski shares how to melt glass beads on silver

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