Sustainable Web Hosting

Here's a short history about my journey in web hosting:

I started with Blogger / Blogspot (never really knew which it was called)
- I loved it. It was simple and customisable, and I learnt a little bit about html doing that.

Tried Xanga and Wordpress in between. I outgrew Xanga after a while, and hated Wordpress from the start. For some reason, I could never wrap my head around it, or use it well."

So I stuck with Blogger for a while. Until Squarespace came into the picture. IT CHANGED MY LIFE YALL.

And it was all good, but I learnt more about the environment and how everything we do on the internet has an impact on the earth. This article's really helpful if you're looking to find out more.

I was making lifestyle changes and before long, it filtered into my studio practices. It eventually came to a point where I couldn't ignore the environmental impact I was personally creating by using the internet. So I searched for eco friendly hosting.

Kualo and Eco Hosting were the top contenders. I went with Eco Hosting because of various reasons. Either way, I made the switch, and guess what, my site stayed unfinished for 3 whole months. I tried, but it was just not sitting well with me, even though I was comforted that I wasn't the earth by having a website.

Then one day I realised, what's the bloody point of transferring everything to an eco friendly host when it's just not working for me? I'm comforted, but that's all I am. If anything, I was spending unnecessary time and money trying to force a Wordpress site into being. And we already know that Abby and Wordpress don't exactly get along. So why was I striving and forcing it??

So I moved back to Squarespace. Still slightly uneasy about the energy part of things. But as with many of the conversations I've had since coming home, we work on saving the planet by doing what we can, one thing at a time.

Will I try moving to an eco friendly host again? Absolutely, when I find a platform that works for me. But for now, I'll do what I can here. And also, continue emailing Squarespace about their energy sources. If you're on Squarespace and would like to know where the energy they use is from, here's something you can use! (Modelled it after Fashion Revolution's email template to brands. Thank you FR team!)

Dear Squarespace Team,

I've been your customer for ___ years, and I love what you guys are doing. / I've been wanting to become your customer as I've only heard great reviews about you.

However, I feel not enough positive change has happened with sustainable energy powering the internet. It is very important to me that as we are not polluting the earth as we make and share magic on the internet.

Please tell me what kind(s) of energy you're using to power your data centres and offices, and whether this is sustainable. It would be great if there is somewhere I can find out more information about your energy suppliers.