On pricing

glasgow school of art degree show set up

Pricing and setting up a collection of jewellery that I’ve literally spent the last 9 months incubating and birthing, is an emotional journey. How do you put a monetary value on something so close to your heart? And how can anyone bear to put up their brainchild for display where anyone and everyone can love up and hate on?

The thoughts and the comments have been intense - all time highs, amazement, crippling fear and doubt, confidence, imposter syndrome, and all that flipping mess.

You need to be proud of this

You need to charge for your time, for your ideas, for your skills, and that’s priceless

Oh, you’re so inspiring

Who the heck am I to get to display this

Well someone might like it enough to pay for it

Oh, definitely ask for the higher end

That’s quite a demanding price

People won’t see the time it takes to make this

This is beautiful

This is going to cost me a lot of money, isn’t it

Abigail ChuiComment