Natural Dyeing Recipe: Sumak

This is a mediterranean and middle eastern spice, so it might be as readily available in supermarkets, but Amazon has it!

You need:
Water (I eyeballed it, at around 1 cup sumak to 3/4 pot water)
Cheesecloth / strainer

  1. Soak sumac in water for an hour
  2. Boil for 30 minutes
  3. Let cool and strain

According to my research, if you use an alum mordant with sumac on wool, you’ll get a dark yellow colour, but I did exactly that and got a bright pink! So, I guess this just proves that really, anything can happen with natural dyeing!

Also, you could potentially get a really nice grey if you add iron, but disposal of the iron would be tricky so have a plan before using it!

I didn’t try varying the pH of this dye because I didn’t have enough of it, but if you do, please, please share your results!

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