Natural Dyeing Recipe: Beetroot

You need: 
Cold water
Beetroot powder

  1. Mix 4:1 cold water to beetroot powder in a bowl.
  2. Leave for 1 hour (I left mine overnight in the fridge)
  3. Strain through cheesecloth
  4. Adjust pH as desired

I couldn’t find cheesecloth, so I got some 100% cotton cloths used for cleaning babies from Savers, and it worked great! And they make beautiful dish cloths now.

Also, my beetroot powder looked more like a spice, than those really fine beetroot powders you get on Amazon. It could be why the colour isn’t as bright and intense as some other photos, but I also added more water towards the end to be able to cover the wool for dyeing.

You can mix up the proportions of powder to water for different intensities of red too.

Beetroot is also sensitive to pH and heat, so you could experiment with that! I believe it turns brown if heated for a longer period of time, but I’m not sure what else it could give. If you try it out, let me know how it goes! Email me, or use the hashtag #trywonder on Instagram (:

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