Natural Dyeing Recipe: Avocado

I got these for free from a cafe down the street. They had avocado salads on their menu so I asked, and they graciously said they’d keep it for me!

You need:
Avocado skins / pits
Strainer / cheesecloth

  1. Wash skins / pits thoroughly
  2. Place in water and bring to low boil
  3. Reduce to simmer, and let simmer for 20-40 minutes, until you’re happy with the colour of the dye in the pot
  4. Leave to cool before straining
  5. Adjust pH as desired

I used only the avocado skins because that’s what I got, and used about 6 avocados worth to a large pot of water. Tbh, I expected prettier pinks, but these are lovely nonetheless!

The skins I used weren’t the cleanest ones around so I had random green-grey gunk floating in the pot. But it was fine when I strained everything! But it could have caused the pinks to be less dull, so, I’d clean them really well next time!

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