Microwave Dyeing

I tried out microwave dyeing for a project for school, so I was on a tight time constraint. As a result, I tried microwave dyeing instead of the regular boil / steam your textiles in a pot of dye kind of thing.

I had briefly heard that it was possible, but could not find any information on the world wide web, so I just winged it. It kind of worked though! Here’s how I did it -

  1. Have wool soaked in dye bath in a microwave safe container
  2. Place in microwave with lid loosely on (it can be shut if there’s a ventilation hole on the lid). Heat on high for 3 minutes.
  3. Let rest (3-12 minutes)
  4. Repeat until you’ve heated it a total of 3 times of 3 minutes each.
  5. Let cool naturally, before rinsing and using your dyed textile! I left mine overnight to be really sure they were cooled all the way.

Remember not to shock wool by changing its surrounding temperatures drastically as it will case felting.

try wonder natural dyeing with microwave cover

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