Learning to work with the pros

Received the professional photos from Shannon Tofts today! It was interesting, working with a professional photographer. I learnt that we need to be decisive, and assertive. Not in an aggressive way, but in a firm, knowing manner. It’s quite funny how I went in with a picture in my head of how I wanted my images to look (budgeted for 2 images), but ended up scrapping them at the very last minute.

We arranged the appointment as a group, and he requested we only go in in pairs so as not to crown the studio. Zoe got hers photographed before me, and as I watched and helped hold a reflector, I kind of saw how he worked and a little bit of what kind of image layouts worked and what didn’t. So in an outright denial of my brain, I went with my gut to go with the flow of what I saw Shannon was good at.

That, coupled with a constant voice in my head reminding me to make quick instinctual decisions and not linger too long on any one thing, resulted in some pretty dang good images. Shannon’s good at what he does, and he knows it. And he’s not afraid to charge for his time and expertise. And realising that paying for photos to be taken by a professional is equivalent to paying premiums on a piece of handmade was a real light bulb moment for me.

Also, on a completely random side note, I attempted to drive my friend’s car to re-park it when a lot became free, and could not for the life of me get it to move. I thought it was me, but Zoe couldn’t move it either so that made me feel somewhat better.

Abigail ChuiComment