Knowing the source

Where do these objects come from
| see where each tiny part is from

Everything we have comes from somewhere. Materials had to be sourced, made, and sometimes purified. That object already has a book of stories in its materials and its production before it even reaches your hands. So too, does every piece of jewellery I make. Here’s an insight into some of the stories of the materials you’ll regularly see here.

Silver -
A precious metal, mined as a by-product of other things. No one ever starts mining with the sole intention of extracting silver because they always come in such small quantities. Most silver is recycled because like gold, the waste is melted down to form whole sheets and wires. But there’s usually always freshly mined metal added in.

The silver used here is, as much as possible, Ecosilver. Ecosilver bullion (sheet, wire, tube, etc) is certified to be produced in a closed loop, meaning the metal is 100% post consumer recycled. It’s the exact same as the usual sterling silver you get in the stores, just with the guarantee that it’s definitely not freshly mined.

Pearl -
People sometimes ask “these are real pearls?”, and I always answer, “yes, they are”. It’s not a lie, and I do explain myself. Almost all the pearls we get on the market today are real, natural pearls that have grown inside an animal. The only difference between these and the ones nobility wore in the Tudor era are that those pearls they used were actually grown by the mollusk as a defence mechanism from a parasite (not a grain of sand, sorry!), not a man made seed.

In cultivating pearls, pearl farmers have to keep waters pristine in order to keep their molluscs alive. It is also obviously to their advantage to keep them alive. And because of that, not only do they take care of their animals, they also ensure the environment is in tip top condition, and none of the animal gets wasted. The flesh becomes food, the pearls cultivated and the shells become mother of pearl pieces for all sorts of things, including inlay in guitars and furniture!

Earth -
The earth used in this collection is collected from sites in Israel (with permission). It reminds me of the beauty all around us, and it provides a sense of connection to this earth that we’ve grown so out of touch with, especially when living in cities.

The fact that it’s from Israel is important because the journey that inspired the collection did actually take place in Israel. If not in Israel, in the immediate area around it. Can you imagine, these two brave women walked the same sand you’re wearing! What an honour.

Abigail ChuiComment