If you're needing inspiration, or considering working with me

Who inspires me
| if you’re needing inspiration or considering working with me

I thought I’d start with a list of creative people that inspire me.

Heather Day, for the way she writes about her work, and the way she thinks through colours, marks and gestures.
Hana Louise Shahnavaz, for her openness to share her knowledge.
Stella Maria Baer, for her colour palette.
Sarah Jerath, for the materials she uses.
Dalan Hargrave, for the intricacy of his work.
Chiara Zonca, for her beautiful landscapes.
Sha’an d’Anthes, for the fun and sunshine she brings.

This list is by no means an exhaustive one, there are definitely more people who make crazy amazing work that inspires me, but these people, are the ones I go back to time and time again. They inspire me creatively, and in my practice and process. But these are the big picture inspirations, the ones that influence in general, overarching ways.

The other kind of inspiration that influences me greatly, but in a quieter, more personal way, are people closer to home. And by home, I don’t mean an actual physical location, I mean, people I personally know (or will come to know). They are the ones with stories to tell, stories to remember and stories to inspire. That’s one story btw, their stories all have the capacity to do all three. And so does yours. Your story, if you let it, can be told, be remembered and can inspire.

Mull on that thought for a bit. Your story, if you let it, can be told, remembered and can inspire.

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