End drill bit snapping!

abigail chui big chunky necklace in progress

Previously, I mentioned snapping drill bits because I was drilling so many tiny holes consecutively. Since then, I’ve figured out a method to prevent them from snapping so often, and thus saving money and precious resources! Apart from the usual tip of either using a pendant drill very steadily, or using the table drill so that you are definitely going into the metal at a 90 degree angle, and centre punching all drill holes, here’s the other tip. It’s more of a secret ingredient to be honest.

top tip secret ingredient 3 in 1 oil

Here’s how it works:

The bit often snaps because it’s weakened from the heat from repetitive use. The oil acts as a lubricant and keeps the metals cool, and thus makes it less prone to snapping.

To use, apply a tiny bit of oil onto the drill bit and use as usual. Repeat after every 3-4 holes.

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