YOU MIGHT LIKE THIS: Gems, Research and Pinterest

As you might have known from 2 posts ago, Try Wonder recently fulfilled our first custom order! While it was a rollercoaster of a journey (which you can read more about here), I learnt a lot, and today, I’m sharing some of the things that caught my eye while doing research for the piece.

In school, we’re taught to do a lot of research, to look at what other people have done, are doing, and many, many other things. Everything adds to your visual dictionary, which believe it or not, is probably already a very large collection in your head. I used to think why can’t pieces just pop into my head and I just make it? Why do I need to prove that it came from my head by having reference images and an entire book of drawings? And omg, did that annoy the shit out of me.

But now, I’ve come to see the benefits of having something so rigid within such an open and creative process. It’s helped me push my designs further, to encourage my brain to think in different ways. And the best part, if anyone says I didn’t come up with something, I can say I did, and have pictures to prove it. I mean, of course nothing is really truly original because everything has probably been done, but you get what I’m going at, right?

Now, I make it a point to at least do a little bit of Pinterest scrolling (follow my massive number of boards!), or Google-ing before jumping into any drawings. And while the custom piece was nothing super duper fancy, I still have some cool stuff I found that might interest you!

Fold your own geometric shapes

There are a variety of shapes you can make so just look for one you like, download and print, and you're good to start folding!

Gem gummy recipe

Make and then eat these gorgeous gems! Super great for a party or just to feel fancy ;)

Embroidered Gem Brooches

These gem brooches are hand embroidered by Wildflower Co. Aren't they just such beauties?

For more cool pins, ideas, and inspiration, check out my Pinterest boards. I personally think it's a pretty awesome account, and I'm super proud of it, but I guess that's subjective!