Top 5 Tips to Effectively work with Silicone

Hands making silicone collaboration samples

Coming off the recent collaboration with Emma, we decided to share out top 5 tips for working with silicone. After reading this, you can probably go out and start making your own silicone jewellery for under $5!

1. Cleaning
Clean out nozzles / utensils after the silicone is dry. You avoid a lot of mess by doing this!

2. Gloves
We’re split about this one. Emma says to use them. I think it’s safer to use them, but I was less messy and clumsy without them. And less mess meant I got less of it on my hands than when I actually wore the gloves. But stay safe and keep them on.

3. Use what you have!
Baking paper is a great base to work on. Silicone doesn’t stick to it, and it’s translucent so you can print out templates and place them under the baking paper to use as guidelines. Shower silicone also works just as well as other kinds of silicone. To shape the silicone, we used piping tools that we got on sale. They’re just the usual stuff you’d use to pipe icing and cream on cakes.

silicone piping tools

4. Work in a well-ventilated area
The fumes can, and will get to you. If you stay in a room that doesn’t allow much wind to get in, work in the kitchen, with the vents switched on. You know, the thing that makes a lot of noise absorbing the smoke that’s produced when you cook.

5. Protect them from dust
Silicone and dust seem to really like each other so keep them in a box once they’re done, even if you’re planning to work on them in a few hours. If you’re in an area with a lot of wind, cover the drying pieces with a propped up piece of paper, or some light fabric. If you do see some dust on the cured silicone, just take some cello tape and use it like a lint roller (:

Here's some inspiration, if you're in need of any!

A few words from Emma:

My name is Emma Morris and I am a jewellery design student based in Glasgow. My love for making things started me along my path to becoming a jewellery designer. In my spare time, I like to bring my ideas to life to share with people. I inject colour and fun into my work, and am constantly coming up with new designs!

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