Glue and Colour in Silicone

When we shared our top 5 tips to work with silicone, we actually had 7 instead of 5 points. But it was too much to talk about in a post, so today, we’re going to share the 2 things kids care about most when making things - glue and colour.


There are probably other ways to colour silicone, but this was how Emma and I did ours. We mix paint to silicone in a 1:3 ratio. They will get pastel-ly but they all get coloured, while still keeping its silicone properties. The more paint you add, the stickier and less bouncy it gets. And it will get to a point where it’s too tacky and gunky to be removed from the baking paper.

We used our fingers to mix when making the samples, but I tried using a palette knife after that, and it worked out so much better. It was less messy, and there is a lot less wasted material because the palette knife will scrape up everything.

palette knife gif silicone collaboration with emma morris


Silicone sticks to silicone, but not so much with any other plastics or metal. It’s not like they’ll slide off, but it generally won’t hold together as well. But because silicone sticks to silicone, you could sandwich materials that don’t stick in between layers of silicone stuck together by even more silicone!

This is how these earrings were made.

material collaboration with emma morris silicone glue earring process
a material collaboration with emma morris silicone

A few words from Emma:

My name is Emma Morris and I am a jewellery design student based in Glasgow. My love for making things started me along my path to becoming a jewellery designer. In my spare time, I like to bring my ideas to life to share with people. I inject colour and fun into my work, and am constantly coming up with new designs!

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