A Material Collaboration with Emma Morris: Silicone

Emma and I are desk buddies in the workshop. She makes amazing things, and we thrive off each other’s ideas and feedback and work. Just before summer break started, we decided to do a mini collaboration.

We would come together and make some samples, and then go off to make a collection of 10 wearable pieces using the material. In this case, we chose silicone. God knows what we were thinking when we agreed on silicone but it’s been a really interesting experience to say the least.

We can make more than 10 items, but we have to narrow it down to 10 for the purpose of being concise. We won’t discuss which samples we’re working off, or what ideas we’re brewing or if there’s another material we’re adding to it. The deadline for this is mid-August 2017. But we’ll probably only share our results the next month.

For now, to give you an idea of what we’re working off, here are the samples we made.

A Material Collaboration with Emma Morris Silicone Samples

A few words from Emma:

My name is Emma Morris and I am a jewellery design student based in Glasgow. My love for making things started me along my path to becoming a jewellery designer. In my spare time, I like to bring my ideas to life to share with people. I inject colour and fun into my work, and am constantly coming up with new designs!

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