3 Things To Do To Get Focused

The thing that’s been on my mind most this past month is this:


It made me think of the magnifying glass scene in Toy Story, where Sid held a magnifying glass to Woody’s head and burned a spot into him. I now realise it is a slightly gory picture, but the point is that when you hold up a magnifying glass to something, you see it clearer because it’s in focus. And when you apply action (applying heat) to that spot, you light a fire! Think of the fire as passion, renewed zest, and energy and great outcomes.

Are you excited yet? Because this is making me very determined to get focused. Here’s 3 things I do to get focused.

1. Have a goal

There’s no need to read on if there’s no goal you’re aiming to achieve! Be ambitious, believing that you can do what you set out to do. But also be realistic. There’s no way you’re going to make £1,000 in sales within the month if you have 70 followers and £100 worth of stock at the moment.

TW’s goal:
Take a step back from making, and improve on what already exists by focusing on content creation.

2. Set a Time Frame

I did a mid year review at the end of June for the first time, and it’s really helped to make me see what’s worked and what hasn’t, and what I need to do. Around the same time, I got an email from Melissa Griffin about a 90-day goal. 90 days may sound like a long time, but if you think about it, after a full day at work / school, there really isn’t much energy or time left to work on a side hustle.

Setting a time frame within which you want to achieve a goal gives you an end point to work towards. It allows you to mark out key dates, and decide to bring forward or push back your end point. An end date also provides an incentive to work towards it because you know at the end of it, you’re either going to get a break, or be super successful with that goal, or both!

TW’s time frame:
I thought the 90-day goal was a super great idea, especially since I’m a full time student. So Try Wonder is trying that out!

3. Mark out boundaries and landmarks

Having boundaries helps you stay on the right path, and reaching landmarks let know you’re on the right track. Sometimes we think we’re on the right path, but with no landmarks, we may be veering off course without knowing. Landmarks help you know for sure. It also gives you a reason to celebrate when you reach them.

TW’s boundaries:
No designing and producing new collections for sale (minus the collaboration I’m almost done with - join the mailing list to preview it!)

TW’s landmarks:
6 blog posts (this is post 4 of 6!)
1 email newsletter per month (of varying content)
Post more images of finished products on IG

Is there something that’s tugging at your stomach/heart about what you need to get focused on? Take some time to consider the potential of how 90 days of focused living could change your life. All the best!