Why Limit Yourself?

Yesterday, I met a friend of a friend (both super talented, but have no websites to link to at the moment), and we were chatting. It was a good 5 minutes of talk, inspiring, motivational and all. She said something that really struck me.

She was having a conversation with someone, and she mentioned she always imagined having 7 offices around the world, and about 5 people working in each of them. And that person asked her “Why do you set a limit on yourself? Why not 100 people, why not a thousand?”

It was like a lightning moment (light bulb moment x 10,000,000). HAVE I BEEN LIMITING MYSELF?! I always imaged having 1-2 more people working for me, and all of us working together in a small workshop and maybe a couple more people around the world on independent learning trips. But why not grow bigger than that? Why not hire 10 people, why not have workshops around the world, why not provide employment for the masses?

Why am I building a ceiling when I can reach for the stars?

I realised that we often unintentionally build 'ceilings' for ourselves, and we may not even realise it. Have you built or been building ceilings you never intended to build?