Moms are amazing E>

It’s mothers’ day! My family usually celebrates it in May with a meal, but it’s celebrated today, 26 March, here in the UK. So I just go with it, and celebrate it twice (yay for more celebrations!). But hey, there’s really no set day to celebrate moms and moms-to-be, and every other woman around you, right?

I saw a friend’s post about motherhood, and thought, why not share with everyone some of the motherhood wins and amazing moms I’ve seen on Instagram? I was going to type something about each of them, but I didn’t want my words to get in the way and not tell the full story, or worse, get in the way of their story. But I look up to every single one of them, and they are amazing, and you should totally check them out. (If you guys are seeing this, thank you for inspiring so many other women besides me!)

Here’s 6 of them (in no particular order): -

Tiffany Han of The Tiffany Han

Elizabeth Kartchner of Dear Lizzy

Elise Joy of Get To Work Book

Kate Oliver

Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY

Happy mothers' day everyone! Whether you're a mom, mom-to-be, mother figures, or future-future moms, you guys are rocking it (: The world thanks you for your contribution to the future of humankind.


Ps. Thanks mom for everything, hope you like the necklace!

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