Facing Fears in Topshop

This might sound kind of dumb, but I genuinely feel uncomfortable walking into Topshop. But guess what, I don’t feel that way anymore.

The movie Sing came out recently, and there was one thing that stuck out for me. The koala told the elephant (who had a severe severe severe case of stage fright) that if she really liked and she really wanted to sing, she had to get out there. And she all she had to do to not be afraid, was to just start singing.

There was a project in school a couple of weeks ago that required us to do one task everyday, and the first task was to create a 1-minute video about anything you want. I was stuck because I couldn’t figure out what it is I wanted to do. Then I realised that I haven’t been documenting my journey of 22 before 22.

Remember in November, I wrote about trying something new? I decided that I’d do 22 things that make me uncomfortable before I turn 22 in March, so this is kind of an update from the last post. I think I’m doing pretty well, if I might say so myself (hah shameless moment). But I’ll talk more about that another time. For now, here’s the super amateurish video I made for school.

It wasn’t just about laughter and fun and facing fears, it’s about learning you don’t have to fear these fears. I thought I’d be uncomfortable the entire time but I actually really enjoyed myself. But I think that has something to do with the fact that my friends were there. But then it happened again with Urban Outfitters, and it’s really just the thought of going in that makes me uncomfortable. Because after I walked in, it was all cool. Like, I’m good, and I’m glad I’m here cos Urban Outfitters sell nice things and even if I can’t afford them, looking at their stuff is enough. Pretty things make me happy (-:

Have you learnt something from putting yourself out there this week?