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It's February!! I don't know about you, but my January has been intense. It's been filled with so many revelations, ideas, school work, and unchecked things on my to-do list. So this month, I'm going small. 3 tinier, completed things a week is better than planning 5 big things for the month that I never start/finish, right?

Favour, a friend and fellow entrepreneur (I'll link to her site when it's up!), and I worked together to come up with a planner that we wanted to give to 15-17 year olds at a leadership programme. That didn't work out too well (there's always next time!), but we thought we'd share it with everyone as well.

I wasn't going to post it because well, it's not the new year anymore. But I guess it's never too late to start.

Just remember though, that these planners are like those battery-operated toys you get in the stores. You can have the toy, but it's only going to work when you put the batteries in. These planners aren't going to do anything for you if you don't put in the effort and the motivation. #thinkingtime: what are you doing to get yourself going towards where you want to be?

These are meant to be printed on a A4 sheet, and folded in half so they're super convenient to bring around. If you want them to be more sturdy, I recommend printing them on thicker paper, like 135gsm paper that you can get at a craft/stationery store! Or just print it on regular paper and stash it in your notebook.

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February 2017
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Have a fabulous February ahead!


Ps. I tried to take my own photos for this post, but I'm too embarrassed to use it, so there's a stock photo of a notebook instead.

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