22 before 22 (a progress update)

Around mid January, I decided that I needed to push myself and get uncomfortable. I was already making a conscious effort to push myself but I needed some kind of challenge. Something more formal, if you will. So in comes 22 before 22.

The challenge: Do 22 things that make you uncomfortable before turning 22 years old.

Criteria: Nothing. It can be of any degree of uncomfortable-ness, and in any area of life, and be any kind of task. As long as I felt uncomfortable, it can count.

As of January 25th, 9 things were done, and as of today, it’s another 7 more. Just within this month, I have worn heels in public, gone into Topshop, gone on a solo overnight trip (!!) and worn coloured pants, to name a few. These things might not be something you consider to be uncomfortable to do, but they were for me and so they count. Please don’t mock (tyvm)!

The more I do this, the more I’m realising that the things I fear, the things that make me uncomfortable, are all in my head. As narcissistic as that sounds, I needed to get over myself. That’s all. It’s all in the head :-)

Growth happens when you get uncomfortable. Are you too comfy where you are?

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