The perfect first blog post

(I don't actually work like that)

This post has been exactly 10 days in the making as I type this now. I've been so stuck with this that it even got me questioning if a blog is really necessary. It is absolutely necessary, at least for now, and finally, here's the culmination of the last 10 days of blog post drafting, a journal entry I wrote last night.

I'm writing in an urgent bid to get myself writing again. It seems really strange that something that has always come so naturally is taking so much of me. Why am I not able to write this blog post? Is it just starting that I'm having trouble with - the blank page syndrome, as they call it? Or is this a sign that blogging is no longer a thing for me?

Sharing things on Instagram seem to be tough too. It's like I'm almost reluctant to share with the world what I've been so tirelessly working on the last few months. Maybe it's because I don't want to be seen as the person who's launching her business for the ten-thousandth time. I've 'launched' Little Confetti more times than I remember, each time feeling proud of it but still somewhat ashamed. Deep down, I know that Try Wonder is the culmination of all the times I tried working on Little Confetti.

I guess I was proud each time of the work, time and effort put in, and the progress made. But ashamed because I knew it still wasn't where I wanted it to be. There were major flaws still - I mean, blur images? Come on Abby, you can do so much more than this.

But if Little Confetti didn't happen, I wouldn't be sitting here trying to figure out the perfect first blog post on my newest, most pride-inciting venture that I've been naming "the dream" for quite a while now.

Try Wonder is called Try Wonder because of the value and the power of curiosity, and the power of acting on that. Try Wonder is about trying.

Oh wow hashtag inspiration moment. Abby, Try Wonder is about trying, and (one of) the only way(s) to be legitly you (+ run a legit business) is to do what you preach. Try.

Try making something/anything with that silver clay that you've been wanting to use for school. Try writing an essay from start to finish in a day. Try hummus (I admit, I've never had it before). Try blogging again. Remember, it's all an experiment.

Ps. There's no such thing as the perfect blog post.

What are you going to try this week?